Aaron Shaw

“What a Great Voice!” ~ Simon Cowell

After a call of duty saw Aaron serve in the United States Marine Corps, this M.P. turned entertainer got his huge break on The X Factor UK while training in Scotland. Aaron went on to be garnered with tremendous praise by none other than Simon Cowell for having, “A GREAT VOICE!” Soon after his international performances, his star took off – leading him all over the world – performing alongside some of the world’s most adorned stars – stars from The Jersey Boys, The Texas Tenors, and even alongside stars of Broadway and the Metropolitan Opera.

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About Aaron Shaw

Aaron Shaw was born into a highly prodigious musical family, with roots dating back to Irish playwright and critic George Bernard Shaw. Shortly after being born in Nashville, where his father was thriving as one of RCA’s performers on the Grand Ol’ Opry, Aaron received his first ovation. One day country legend Hank Snow heard Aaron bellowing from backstage. Impressed with this baby’s lung power, the Country Hall-of-Famer decided to grab little Aaron and present him on stage for all to see, announcing, “This is Aaron Shaw – son of the Opry’s own, Brian Shaw – and judging by his throat power, a future star!”

As the years went on, Aaron didn’t pay much mind to singing, and although he did study the piano, he didn’t really take to it. Sports on the other hand came so naturally to him, that until injuries struck his throwing arm, he was on route to play college baseball. Feeling lost after his injury, and looking for a new sense of direction, Aaron was inspired by a local Marine’s story’s, and he soon joined the U.S. Marine Corps.

After his tour of duty was complete, he was home visiting with his mom when she pulled out an old record of her favorite singer from her youth, a long-forgotten tenor named Mario Lanza. While trying to imitate this singer for her as a joke, his mother nearly fainted when she heard Aaron sing. With her encouragement, Aaron began voice lessons for the first time in his life.  Once he felt he was ready, Aaron left for Europe to become an operatic star. Then one day he decided on a whim to audition for a new show in Britain called X Factor where Simon Cowell labeled his voice “one of greatness!” Inspired now in a new direction, Aaron said a fond farewell to his operatic dream and launched a “crossover” concert tour instead, which has since spanned the globe.

Aaron takes his audiences on two different musical journeys, but he doesn’t just aim to impress you with his voice; He aims is to inspire you, as his heroes did him.


Avails 2019
Avails 2020

1st Show – Center Stage
Songs from the stage, the screen & more…

2nd show – Inspiration
Classic favorites sprinkled with modern hits that have inspired Aaron throughout his life and career.

Band Use: Yes-Band / Yes-Tracks
Cabins: 1
Shows: 2 x 45 minutes & 1 x 20 minutes
Lecture/Presentation: Voice lessons offered to passengers wishing to sharpen up their skills for karaoke night and karaoke contests on board the cruise ships. Formal private lessons also offered (for a standard fee).
Rehearsal: 90 minutes
Excess Baggage: None
Airport: BUR (preferred), LAX

Stage Plot: N/A
Input List: N/A

Travel Information

Home Airport: BUR (preferred), LAX